Logic Pro 9 Problems with Text in Logic 9

In Logic 9 I've a little new problem I can't solve.
In Score Editor I write, let's say, the title of the composition, with Text, as always I did in Logic 8.
Than I want to change the font size, so I select the text (it becomes green or, if I double click it, blu). I go to Text > Fonts, the Font window opens, I change the size, or whatever, but nothing happens. No reactions at all!

I've never had this problem before in logic 8.
What has changed? Any idea?

Thanks a lot

You need to be in the Text Styles window and select the text style you want to edit and open the Font Window that way. That's the same as Logic 8, I'm pretty sure

Tip: I've changed the way I re-size text when they took out the font size in the inspector on Logic 8. My current technique is to switch to the re-size tool (escape+zero). That works well (and is fast) but seems to only re-size so much, then you have to let go and do it again should you need a greater adjustment.
Very good Doug, thank you, it works.
About the Text Style option I've just discovered it in the afternoon, going backto the manual. It's a bit complex but when you have set it can be very usefull for template or importing from other project. BTW I'm sure I never used that way in Logic 8: it was enough to select the text > Text > Fonts and you could edit. That's the way I always did, at least.
Thanks for the tip, never done that way, very easy and quick.

All the best to you