Logic Pro 8 Programming patch changes

Can anyone help with setting patch (program) changes within Logic 8 or 9 using the EXS sampler or other onboard software synths.

I thought it would be possible with the hyper editor - program function but it doesn't seem to make any changes except volume.

I'm running Logic 8 Pro on a MacbookPro and 9 Pro on a G5 PPC both running OSX 10.5.8

Help please


Native Logic software instruments don't respond to program change.

If you really need this functionality, check out the channel strip settings. There are ways of changing those through MIDI.
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The function to change Channel Strip settings via midi (called "Performances") only works when Logic is responding to a Program Change message coming in Live from an external source - NOT when you program PCs into a track! Logic is really missing the boat on this one - they should have Plug-in Preset banks for each plugin that can respond to programmed PC's (a la Native Instruments, or synth hardware) - and ditto for Channel Strip Settings. IMHO.
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