Logic Pro 9 Project File Backups - are they necessary?


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Hi all,
I am new to this forum, and would be grateful for any assistance.
Could someone advise if it is Ok to delete some Project File Backups?
My Audio drive is fast running out of space, I have found a song that has 23.5Gb of "Project File backups" - there are 33 of them! I have found the preference that allows you to limit these to 1 to 100 - and have made it read 5 - but is it OK to delete some of these? could I just keep the latest - would that be alright?
Thanks for any advice
Regards Drummerboy (yes- I'm a drummer!!)

Peter Ostry

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Backup files are just for you, they are not used by Logic. You can delete what you want but I would keep a couple just in case a project becomes corrupted, this happens sometimes.
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