Logic Pro X Project recorded free / how to align to click?

Hello everyone,

I wasn't sure on how to best word the scenario, but I need some assistance with a logic project which was recorded "freely" / without a strict metronomic setting. I would like to take all recorded material and "quantize" it without screwing things up. Can anyone give me some oversight / steps / processes to go about approaching the project safely? Thank you in advance!
It's both audio and midi, but the video you attached was a great help! I haven't been able to put those techniques into action on the project yet, but it was feature that I was completely unaware of. Thank you!
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I just gave it a try but wasn't sure if you could assist me a little further..?

If i do the following:

1) Drag first audio / midi to the closest beat / bar 1.
2) Set the tempo to the goal tempo
3) Align again to closest beat / bar 1
4) Select all tracks

..then follow the rest of the directions, will it Beat map the entire project? I have layers of audio & midi to align together and I wanted to find the easiest route.
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File>Save As your project so that you have a clean backup of your project.

If there is a drum track, move that track to the top so that it is directly below the beat mapping track. Beat mapping to something metronomic that the remaining tracks are synchronized to will give you the best results.

Identify where the downbeat of beat 1 is. (Sometimes with pickup notes it's challenging for me to identify beat 1, but beat two may be very distinct.

After you align all tracks to a downbeat, in the Beat Mapping popup, select Protect MIDI. Then with your drum track selected, chose Beats from Region.

Post more questions as needed.


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