Logic Pro 9 PSP sQuad


Does anybody use these, I have Sonorus and RND (though they will have to be phased out sadly) along with UAD and Powercore but am still tempted by the current discount. Are they any good..... or in other words are they likely to be used when I have the others. I like all the other PSP stuff that I have tried.
I haven't got the time to try them out before monday where the offer ends, I know there are demoes.
These eq's are very good. I've been using them for a few weeks and they are indeed musical and efficient. Each has its own classic sound and its quite refreshing getting back to using an eq without a graph in front of me. Just using your ears, kind of a novelty these days...
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I will buy them, they only cost 83 euros before tax because I have some of their other stuff. That's like 70% off.

VISA has left the wallet
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So far, they are amazing to me. I own a UAD with all but the latest Neve EQ (UA Neve 31102). I was debating on getting it, but decided to test PSP's ConsoleQ and found not only could I get the same exact sound with the hi filter, but the low end response time seemed faster on the kick drum I was testing it on in the PSP (I was filtering off the high end, but needed a particular sound that no other EQs could match). So in this case, the PSP ConsoleQ was actually better than the UA Neve 31102. My jaw dropped. I was stunned. I bought the PSP set immediately and postponed the Neve purchase.
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The other advantage to having sQuad pack is that I can use them in place of some of the UA EQs and have more room left over for other heavy plugins like Fatso Sr.
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Bought them and tried them out though I said I didn't have time and I agree they are simply great. 5 years ago PSP was the talk of the town but these days it's much more silent, in this particular case very unfairly so I find. These plugins are up with the best and right now they are ridiculously cheap.
It turned out I also has a 20% coupon and ended up paying 59 euros (including taxes) for this 299 dollars package. It's possibly the best deal I have ever made.

Thanks for the fast input everybody
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Agreed. I'm just as blown away and thrilled with the discount as well.

And I will always have a soft spot for the PSP 84, no matter the gossip of the day.
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Many people are, I fell off the wagon around that time. Nitro was the last one I bought, not because I didn't like PSP84 but more because I decided to give the stuff I already had a serious try.
I still try to do that but having decided to leave RND behind (mainly because over time I have no other choice) there was room for a new EQ. A new project is starting in my studio next week which will run for a month or so and at the end of that I will know a lot more about PSP sQuad. Hopefully I'm still excited at that point..........
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