Logic Pro 8 PT HD transfer to logic...is it worth it?


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Hi. I'm a musician whos been begging and borrowing. I had a friends pro tools hd3 system w/ 2 rosetta 800 converters (and a 192 i/o tghat wasnt used) while he built his studio...its done and my project is not. I've been slapping together a system to finish tracking vocals and other overdubs. I have a digi 002 g-5 quad 2.5 8 gigs ram and got a apogee ensemble to try to mimmic the rosettas. We did this project 441 so the ensemble thru adat works....however i'm scrambling trying to balance high track counts and track w/o latency thru the firewire. I've spent so much time on this project and don't want the very important parts coming up to suffer. Don't like tracking my vocals raw in low latency mode etc. I have logic studio and am not sold on the ensemble yet. I may go ahead and get a rosetta 800 to keep things consistant ( i also love the sound). I f i get the rosetta i'm wondering how much of a pain in the ass it is to transfer full pt hd3 sessions to logic and get a symphony card w/ the rosetta and finish tracking/overdubs then back to pt to send to pt for mix.Will Play lists be there? Also looking at used pt2 options but would rather not spend the money.
Define "pain in the ass". I think it's always kind of a pain ping ponging between platforms. But, getting stuff into Logic is fairly easy if it's exported correctly. I'm mixing some outside material this week. One was from an OMF file, which Logic imported great. The other was the standard session where everything was bounced down starting at measure 1. I just drug all the wave files in and logic automatically created new tracks. Also, I really love mixing in Logic verses PT or digital performer. It just works well for that purpose. If you wanted to export back out you can save as an OMF assuming the pro tools rig has digitranslator. If not you can export starting at bar 1 again. Good luck.

PS: I'm running the syphomy system with an ad16x and love it. Sounds/works very well.
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