Logic Pro X Purchase logic to run on older Mac OS


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Hi I know this is a bit off topic but this looks like the most active thread hare and I suspect the most knowledgeable Logic users will be lurking here.
This is probably the weird question of the night.
I am a long time DP user that would love at some point to try Logic.
I know the current version requires at least Mojave,I’m using a 2012 cheese-grater and I’m using Sierra as my OS,moving up to Mojave would require multiple OS updates,a firmware update and a metal graphics card,which frankly I’d like to avoid.
finally my question:
If you purchase Logic in the AppStore does it read what OS is installed and install the latest version of Logic that’s compatible with the Mac or will the current version of Logic 10.5.1 be the only version a person can presently purchase?



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HI there, welcome to the LUG. I moved your post, I think it is more appropriate to give it its own thread. To answer your question, normally pruchasing a new version of logic you will be presented with the current version. Obviously not uch help to you unless you are prepared to make all those changes to be able to run Mojave. Why not just try to access Logic Pro in the App store? If that doesn't give you a version which will work on your Mac (I think something like 10.4.2 would be the most recent version that still ran in Mac OS 10.12) I suggest you get in touch with Apple. You are probably aware that there is a 90 day trial version of logic available at the moment, let them know you are interested in crossing over, perhaps they will allow you to access an earlier version?

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Hi Mark,
thanks for the information.
Do you happen to know if updating to High Sierra would much in in the way of being able to upgrade to a bit more recent version of Logic? Would there be any significant pros or cons in your opinion in updating the OS to High Sierra? And would the corresponding version of Logic offer anything significantly better than Logic 10.4.2?
I’m leery of buying a metal graphics card($$$) putting more money into a 2012 MPro Flashing the firmware w/ 2 OS updates seems over the top and I’m a bit hesitant w/upgrading a Mac w/ hardware and updating to an OS that post dates the Macs actual intended OS so drastically.
Actually I was not aware of the 90 day trial version I can access from the App Store for free and test for 90 days?, or do I have to request this in another way?
Thanks! lol I have been holed up in NYC so I guess I somehow missed this.
it’s the full version totally functional?
I’m sorry to bombard you with all of these questions.

In any case you’ve helped immensely ,

Thank You



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Hi Kenny

My pleasure! The latest version of Logic to run under High Sierra OS 10.13 ist Logic Pro X 10.4.8. 10.5 requires a minimum of Mojave 10.14.6.
I have no idea as to how you could get an earlier version of logic as a 90 day trial - you need to ask Apple.
FWIW, I did go through the procedure of purchasing a RX 560 GPU in order to extend the life of my 2010 6 core MP 5.1. It wasn't hugely expensive. I didn't flash the card, meaning, on boot I have a dark screen, but other than that it has allowed me to continue to work with the current version of logic on that (now ancient but still very capable) computer. At the same time, I expect that if and when the next major upgrade to logic arrives, it will require at least Catalina, which doesn't support the old Mac Pro, so such a move is merely postponing the inevitable.

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I'm pretty much in exactly the same spot as Mark here, 2010 Mac Pro 5.1 with a new, Metal-capable graphics card. Updated to Mojave and Logic 10.5.1ecently. Everything smooth so far except a few free plugins that dropped out.

This machine does everything I throw at it. The latest Logic updates weren't exactly earth shattering for me, Loops don't do much for me while simple features that are loooong overdue (like, say, more than one video in the timeline) aren't coming anytime soon.
Any current Mac is severely limited in one or more factors (expandability, integrity, affordability).

So I see myself locking down this config for the foreseeable future and I just hope that nothing breaks.


I don't know if this is an anomaly, (or even helpful, for that matter) but I'm running Logic 10.4.4 on OS 10.12.6 without any noticeable problems.