Logic Pro 8 Putting a Reason beat into Logic


I've been making beats on Logic 8 for a while now and I'm about to try to learn how to record vocals on it but I have one beat I made in reason 4 that I want to import into Logic 8.

Can someone please tell me how to do this?

Thanks a ton!
I assume that there is a way to get reason to bounce a wav or aif file of mixes made in reason? That would seem to me to be the easiest way to prepare material to bring into logic
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Yeah there is a way to do that, do you know of a way to import it tracked out though? So I can adjust all the sounds in Logic? Thanks!
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I mean so you have all the sounds on different tracks in Logic. So I can mix the beat with my vocals. I'll check out Tip 9, thanks!!
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I've learned how to rewire reason into Logic 8 now but I'm wondering how to make it so I can close Reason, and still listen to the Reason sounds I laid down in Logic?

There must be a way to do this, otherwise am I supposed to record my vocals with Reason up there? I always have to have Reason up? I just want to make my beat and then, when I'm mixing, recording vocals etc. be able to just have Logic up.

Thanks a ton everyone i appreciate it!
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Ok I figured out one method of doing this, which is sending each track to its own bus and then recording them all as their own audio tracks.

But I have a couple questions I was hoping to get help with!

1) Am I using the best method? So every time I make a beat using Rewire, do I have to add a new bus for each track then record it as audio? The reason I ask is, that seems like a lengthy process to go through every time I make a beat.

2) By using rewire, as soon as I convert the track to audio, doesn't that mean I'm stuck with those audio files so I can't adjust each note individually etc.? Instead of the green tracks with the handy notes, when I zoom in I just get the gray audio editor at the bottom.

It seems like Rewiring Reason into Logic 8 is not as great as I hoped it would be. Any thoughts on this? Thanks!
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Well done T, sounds like you've pretty much nailed it!

And yeah, you have to decide whether you want to work with your Reason beats as handy midi information, in which case, yes, you have to open up Reason inside Logic every time*, or record it as audio into Logic, close Reason, and basically edit/filter/arrange that audio... so if you want to record your Redrum beats, you can either record all 10 Redrum voices to 10 Logic audio tracks, or just record Redrum's main audio out as one signal to one Logic audio track.

*Another way that you can close Reason would be to export the Redrum midi file, open it in Ultrabeat or EXS24, and try reproduce your Redrum sound there.

Might help to rename your rewired Reason songs with Rewire, RW or something, so you can find them easily, and maybe store them inside the Logic folder, so they don't get separated if you reorganise your music folder...

And yeah, Logic could do a much better job implementing Rewire - when you rewire Reason with Ableton, a) all Reasons controls are listed inside Ableton (not just as generic midi cc#s), and b) there's a small graphic of Reason's output signals from it's hardware interface, so you can see which channels are active ( Why haven't Logic's developers haven't got round to either of those handy and obvious improvements???? )
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Cool thanks for the info!

I'm trying to figure out if it's even worth it to Rewire. I love Ultrabeat and EXS. The only thing I wanted to use Reason for is the sounds.

The thing is, if I turn them to audio that gives me no freedom to change the volume/location of each individual note and also, every time I want to change something, if I have already recorded it into an audio file, I have to go back and record it, then turn it into audio yet again.

Also, if I choose to not turn them into Audio Files, so I always have Reason up, where does that leave me when I record vocals? After I record my vocals, I will still have reason up, then do I have to change them all to Audio Files at the very end, to bounce my song?

Does Rewire get easier over time? I love using Reason to make my own sounds but it seems like such a hassle, I'm thinking about just using Logic 8.

Maybe I will just use Logic 8 sounds and then buy Native Instruments sounds etc.

I was wondering, when you buy those Native Instruments sounds or other VSTs, do they show up as the green instruments in Logic or the blue audio?

I really hope they are green but maybe I just need to get better at using the blue?

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Over a few weeks, you'll get pretty quick at rewiring - but best practice is to make a Rewire template for yourself in Logic - so, if you think you'll be opening Reason again and again to work with Redrum, create a new Logic project, with 10 external midi tracks in the arrange window, in the mixer, 10 aux channels with their inputs from Reason's L-R, 3-4, 5-6 etc, with their outputs sending to buses 1-10, and back in the arrange window 10 audio tracks, with their inputs from 1 - 10, and Save As Template. You'll only have to do that the one time, and not over and over!

Same with Reason : create a new song as a template, without a mixer, with Redrum's 10 stereo outs wired up to the hardware interface and name it RW Redrum Template or something

It is a hassle though - if you can, I'd recommend moving over to Logic altogether asap - use your time to really get to know Ultrabeat and EXS24 inside out if you can. Sure, it's easier and quicker to put ideas together in Reason, but it' has a lot of limitations. It has a steeper learning curve, but can dive much deeper with Logic.
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well I'm all about what's better, not what is easier and quicker. That is why I took the time to learn Logic in the first place. So maybe I will try to completely use Logic although I do love those reason sounds. I don't know how long it'll be before I get bored with what is available in Logic 8.

Is there a way to build your own sounds in Logic 8? Maybe there is something I don't know.

The funny thing is you keep mentioning Redrum but I don't even plan on using Redrum. I like Ultrabeat and EXS just fine for drums. I would use Reason for Thor, Subtractor etc.

I could start buying VSTs, but I was wondering, when you buy those Native Instruments sounds or other VSTs, do they show up as the green instruments in Logic or the blue audio?
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I'm still trying to learn ReWire, for some reason I don't want to give up, I think it might be less of a hassle than I am making it out to be.

Anyways I can't figure out how to work with multiple reason instruments . I set up 2 aux channels and two tracks in the arrange window. The aux channels are outed to R:Cha 3/4 (where I have an NNXT) and R:Cha 7/8 (where I have a Thor). Then I clicked on each track in the arrange window and assigned it to its appropriate instrument (NNXT and Thor). The thing is, when I play NN-XT, it plays both NN-XT and Thor!

Let's say I connect a subtractor to 5, then I make a new aux channel routed to R:Cha 5 and a new track in the region, which I connect to Subtractor in the library. When I play that Subtractor in Logic, it plays the subtractor and thor. Basically, the only thing I can get to play alone is the newest instrument I made in Reason. It is very confusing because I think I have it set up correctly.

Again, each instrument is chosen in the track in the arrange window (NN-XT, Thor etc.) and the Aux tracks below in the mixer are set up for the appropriate channel in Reason.

When I play Thor, it plays just Thor but other than that, all my previous instruments play along with thor. I don't get it. Thank you very much your help is appreciated!
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One thing I just noticed is when I record it in the NN-XT track, I hear the NNXT and the Thor while I record it but when I play it back I just hear the the NNXT.

Still that isn't much help because when I record, I need to hear just the sound I'm playing, not everything layered on top of each other. I could solo each sound but that doesn't work because I record something and when I want to play a melody over the original melody, I can't hear the original melody since my new instrument is soloed. It is really frustrating.

I mean, I've looked through Logic Ninja's tip 9 vid. I watched all of powder monkey dan's vids. Nobody explains how to use multiple reason instruments, just one at a time.

Thanks again!
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No help with this? I am definitely setting up the AUX strips correctly.

Reason, I'm not using the 1/2 connections in the hardware device.

Could it be something to do with the Ascending checkbox that shows up when I make a new AUX strip?

Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!
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What is happening is that the Reason instrument you have selected in Logic is being played by Logic, and Reason itself is playing the other instrument.

To solve this, in Reason go to Preferences>Keyboards and Control Surfaces and in the 'Attached Surfaces' section de-select your master keyboard. In my version this is a green tick that you need to disappear by clicking it.

This will mean that Reason is only receiving midi messages from Logic and not from within Reason itself.

Hope this helps and that you don't give up your rewiring! :thmbup:
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