Logic Pro 9 quantizing (especially triplets)


I have read the section on quantizing in the piano roll window. But it never seems to work the way I expect it to.

Notating three more or less even notes and using the quantize popup window generally makes thing worse, often moving notes under each other or other such bizarre results.

Is it possible to quantize note lengths at the same time? And can you notate and quantize at the same time?

I haven't investigated how to do this in the score window, yet.
For quaver triplets in 4/4 time, you would use 1/12 (only triplets) or 8/12 (combine straight quavers and triplets.

No you can't quantize note lengths at the same time.

Notate and quantize at the same time? Yes this is normal in the score window, as you add say an 1/8 note it will automatically only go onto quantised positions for that note value.

However in the score window, if notes are unquantised, any quantise value you use there is just a display quantise (where the dots show on the staff) and are not real timing quantisations.
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Thanks Pete,

It works of course but I don't see 8/12. Do you mean 8&12? I don't see how you would use that unless for a group of regular quavers followed by triplets or vice versa.

Ed Gold
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Yes, it's probably 8&12

I use it a lot. But then I do a lot of jazz where you often get strings of quavers with triplets sprinkled in.
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FTR, I use 8 & 12 a lot in the Score window to quantize the display, even though I might be using 1/12 in the Arrange Window. It cleans things up nicely.
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