Logic Pro 9 Quantum Leap RA - PLAY Edition. Anyone?

Per Boysen

I anyone using RA? They sell it rather inexpensive during the NAMM days.

But how good is the playback interface "PLAY"? I need:

1. Deactivate velocity response (using EWI for total attack expression control).
2. Assign CC#5 to activate portamento/glide
(not setting the glide amount, but that would be second best choice if activating/deactivating portamento/glide is not possible)-
3. Assign CC#2 to filter cut off and volume or relative volume
(thanks to Mainstage 2 for awesome scaling options! ;-)

Is RA PLAY reporting all parameters to the AU host?
(so you can set up your own fav playing expression with it)

Can one use Kontakt to play the RA patches?
(for my EWQL Gold I prefer Kotakt rather than the Kompakt player)

Gosh, one becomes lazy with all this authorizatin bullshit when working with Logic/Mainstge and getting used to stuff just working. I really wish these sample libraries would play right away in the EXS24! And I would like them authorized on my iLok and not by the hard drive. There's a lot of issues that turns you off from buying this one, even though I know I would love to play with the RA patches and even have pro use for them. But time is important too... stuff has to work pretty out of the box to be an option. Looking forward for your thoughts on this. Especially "RA for EWI application".
Hi Per,

I've been using RA amongst others now for a while. It is definately far from the most stable code out there, it eats memory and a fair amount of CPU, and generally seems a bit of a schitzophrenic, bipolar beast!! but beyond that it's pretty cool. The RA sounds are none short of pretty amazing, one of the best things is the multitude of world tuning templates you can apply to any instrument, really gets the realism happening. CC modification is extremely limited, but you can do most what u need via automation in logic.
The turkish string section is fantastic, as are most of the instruments, articulations are individually loadable and assignable to key switches, as well as there being 'master' patches.
The other one worth considering for world is Gypsy...the violin is the best solo 'fiddle' I've ever heard (bar the real thing!!)
There are some demo/tutorial videos on their site worth watching to get a feel of how play is structured.
Don't try running it multitimbraly...it'll drive you to the pub.....use single instances, even QL suggest this.
Limitations aside, if they are the sounds you're looking for you'll be VERY hard pushed to find better out there. All the instruments come with a large and very useable selection of real played parts too....all keymapped in groups.

None of the current play libraries will load in anything other than the PLAY AU....So no to Kontakt or exs24.

Hope that helps.

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