Logic Pro 9 quaver=quaver


Hi all! Is there a way of indicating that a given time unit 1/4 note (crotchet) etc remains unchanged in a new section. In a piece that I am scoring the music goes from 4/4 (four in a bar) to 3/8 (one in a bar) Effectively the beat speed goes down by 1/3 (cos there are now 3x1/8 notes per beat.) In a score you'd normally just say quaver = quaver (using symbols not words) but Logic only has metronome marks (I'm using Logic 9 by the way) Is there something I'm missing, or does it exist in Logic 10?
I suspected as much. You'd think that it would be no great problem to provide a library of commonly (and even less commonly) used terms and symbol under a button (to save display problems) It would certainly have been on my wish list for Logic X
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i Doug. I took your advice and behold the opus metronome font is the absolute answer. Quaver = quaver is as simple as typing e=e
Thank you.
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