Logic Pro 9 Questin about logic 9 and VST's


Hi all,
I am fairly new to logic and have a question.

If I partition part of my HD to run win based programs (through parallels or something) , would I be able to run .exe install VST's in logic?

Thanks for any advice in advance

No. First of all, you cannot run any sort of VSTs directly in Logic. There are workarounds available using wrappers, but even these require that the VST be OSX, a windows VST will not work in Apple Logic. Which VSTs are we talking about? Perhaps they are available as Audio Units, which is the plugins format supported by logic.

kind regards

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Hi Mark,

Thanks very much for your reply. I was thinking of getting the Antares plugin for vocals i.e. Autotune.

I will shop around to see if they have got it for OSX.
Thanks again for your reply

Best Regards,
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