Question about sending files back and forth for work.


Sorry to be asking so many questions but I'm new to this and out of the country and would love to be able to send files back and forth.

So how would someone send me a project to add some guitar parts to? I have logic express 9 and this person I think has probably logic studio or pro 8 or 9. Something like that.

Please bear in mind that I am a guitar player and an idiot. So maybe the most straight forward description as possible.

Really appreciate all of your help thus far.


I would strongly suggest you archive any session files before sending them. There's a freeware app called YemuZip that I really like because it makes .zip files in a completely straightforward, idiotproof way. I've found that files sent without archiving tend to lose headers and consequently misbehave when received at the other end.

I honestly don't know if Logic Express will open a Logic Studio file - anyone else?


Opening Logic Pro files into Logic Express

I honestly don't know if Logic Express will open a Logic Studio file - anyone else?
From Apple Support Website:

Logic Pro songs sound different when played in Logic Express

Last Modified: October 04, 2008
Article: TA24188

Old Article: 303865

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Songs created in Logic Pro that contain Logic Pro Instrument tracks may sound different when played in Logic Express.

This happens because Logic Express will substitute a similar GarageBand Instrument for the Logic Pro Instrument (for example, an EVD6 track will be assigned to the GarageBand Clavinet), and the sound settings from the Logic Pro Instrument may not carry over. The degree of disparity varies according to what Instruments or Plug-ins are being used to create the song in Logic Pro.

Conversely, songs created in Logic Express and then opened in Logic Pro will always sound the same.


Guys, thanks for the info. All I want to do is have a friend send me sections from pieces he is working on. I will add guitar to them. No plug-ins or anything like that. Do you think this incompatibility you speak of will hinder this kind of operation? And if this is possible can you suggest an extremely easy user friendly method of him sending me the work. I will have limited internet and will probably be pretty slow. Can he just send me the file without using an intermediary source?



In short there should be no problem...

... if what you add to the project, audio recordings of your guitar.

If you read my previous posting, you will understand that considering that your version of Logic is Express and his is Studio, what ever plugin you instantiate will be perfectly replicated on his side. It is only if he adds plugins you don't have in Logic Express, then the project on your side will sound different than the original from his side. This would become apparent only if you both bounce each your own versions and compare them.

In other words, Logic Studio have more plugins and features than Logic Express but Express will load Studio's project files and compensate for the lack by replacing the missing features with others that most likely change the sound.
Project files are upward compatible between Logic versions (even very old ones under certain conditions). Downward compatibility may impose some restrictions and/or compromises.

My advice:give it a try!

I don't see anything hazardous in trying and see (and hear) by yourself!