Logic Pro 9 Question about sustaining sound


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Hello, I am fairly new to Logic.
I have a MBP with an Apogee DUET that i plug my guitar in to. The sounds are great using the amps etc from the Library in Logic Express .
For some reason the sounds coming through the speakers do not hold and suddenly and quickly fade out after a few seconds of playing a note. (as opposed to the sound carrying on as long as the string vibrates when plugged in to a regular guitar amp)
Is there something i need to adjust within Logic / DUET
Any help much appreciated

OK found the problem...
The DUET not cranked up enough.
Now we're cookin !

It's good that you have it sorted. I was going to add that if you are using Channel Settings rather than just an individual amp plugin, then sometimes they have a noise gate in the chain which often need adjusting or bypassing.
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