Logic Studio apps question for eli krantzberg



Thanks for replying to my "one of the dumber questions" yesterday. If you would be so kind as to indulge a follow-up question -

Am I correct in taking "input field" to be the "library" tab that automatically pops up after creating a new software instrument?

There is a choice for "Sculpture" in the library, and the default sound when I open it is that of bells, and the only modeling I can do is to change the sound of the bells, which is not the sound I want.

I was under the impression that I could choose any instrument, say some keyboard sound, and use "Sculpture" to mold THAT sound, not always start with the same bells. Am I way out in left field?

I know I probably sound like an idiot but I would appreciate your time.
Hi Goosetherio,

You are correct that you can call up the instrument via the Library tab. This is the same as calling it up from the input field - which is the "old fashioned" way :D You're actually better off in the long run(IMHO) getting into the habit of using the Library like that.

Once Sculpture in instantiated, you can then call up one of the many Sculpture presets, or plug -in settings (to use the correct lingo) to work with. There are a variety of sounds to choose from. But I think you are under the wrong impression that you load other sounds or instruments into Sculpture. You don't. When you are in Sculpture, you work with Sculpture; that's it. It is a regular software instrument like any of the others.

So, once you call up Sculpture, if you highlight the input field in the Inspector (ie: so the little white halo is active around it) then the contents of the Library on the right will update to display all the available Sculpture presets to choose from.

Hope this helps. (It sounds like you really need to crack the manual open and at least get familiar with basic plug in and software instrument operations.)