Logic Pro 9 Question on keyboard shortcut + tip


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Just got Flashcards Deluxe for iPhone, and am drilling myself in order to commit to memory more Logic key shortcuts. You can put anything in the program via text files or spreadsheet. Highly recommended.

Question: Some of the representations for the keys I can't figure out. What does the default keystroke for "play from Left Window Edge" mean? Ctrl and what looks like line with upward pointer below it.

A tip about memorizing Keystrokes: Create your personal system of association

Our brain has a limited capacity to remember unrelated facts (besides some geniuses). So the trick is to combine similar groups. Create a system that makes sense to you

Here are few examples:

  • Keys with specific modifier are reserved for a command group (i.e. snap/drag, Hyperdraw parameter, Preference settings, etc)
  • "Move Events" and "Move Playhead". I use plus-minus and left-right arrow for those commands. But the amount of movement depend on the combination of modifier keys. ANd the modifier key combination is the same for both commands. To move one bar or one frame has the same modifier keys assigned.
  • Of course, using the letter key that starts with the name of the command is the rule number one. But you will run out of letters pretty soon. Consider other vowel in the name. And why not other characters. Look at the % sign, does it look like something is cut in half. So why not assign the scissor tool to it.
  • Another rule I apply to key commands is: Single Key Strokes (without modifier commands) are never assigned to "altering data" commands like Quantize, Move, etc. It is too big a danger that you hit a key by accident and not noticing it. Single keys are only assigned to "visual" commands like opening various windows or zoom levels. Other "altering data" commands always require a modifier key

I'm not a big fan of key labels on my keyboard. However programable touch screen buttons that you can label are fantastic like on the Euphonics MC Control. On other MIDI manual controllers for fixed assingments (FIlter, Resonance, Key Switching) I use old fashioned printed labels that I stick next to them with scotch tape.

And the most important rule - evolve. If something doesn't work as you have thought, change it, improve it.
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