Logic Pro 9 Question regarding Kontakt for LA Scoring Strings in Logic 9

Hi all,

I've just started using LA Scoring Strings, and I've got some questions regarding Kontakt 4, which I'm not really familiar with.

I've always been a fan of the Vienna products, and have built up fairly decent sized orchestral templates using their sample libraries. In my templates, I always had a separate EXS24 instrument for each instrument articulation; ie one for violin legato, one for violin pizzicato, one for violin staccato and so on. However, I'm not really sure if this is how I should be doing things with Kontakt?

So here are my questions:

1. When I load up a Kontakt Player in Logic, which one should I choose? I can find options for 'mono', stereo', '5.1', 'multi out' etc in the drop down menu. I'm not sure which one I should be going for here. Is it just stereo??

2. Should I be trying to set up all of my various LASS articulations inside one Kontakt instrument? If so, how do I access the various midi channels that Kontakt assigns to them inside Logic? Or should I just be setting up my template the way that I always did; ie one articulation per instance of Kontakt Player?

Any help with this would be most appreciated!




There are several approaches to using LASS/Kontakt.

One is to set up 'Banks' within Kontakt, with all the required articulations for a particular instrument mapped to Program Change messages.

One can then setup multi-timbral Kontakt multis, perhaps with each instrument bank (Violins 1, Violins 2etc) loaded.

For a more versatile setup, load banks of each 'divisi' section for each instrument.

There is a ton of useful info over at Audio Bro's forum:



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Create a new track and use multi-timbral 16 tracks. Then open an instance of Kontakt and choose multi output stereo 16. This will allow you to load up 16 different instruments for one instance of Kontakt, and save you some CPU power.

There's also a very inexpensive script for Kontakt called Mind Control that you might want to check into. It allows you to set up your instruments in banks and switch between articulations at the flick of a finger -- using the mod wheel or any number of methods. It works beautifully.
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Per Boysen

Thanks, CCT, I just noticed as I read up more on the subject after having posted here. I had initially read an old, not up to date, review of LASS light version but with version 2 being out for almost a year it quite different.
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