Logic Pro 9 Questions about selection schemes and "catch"


Hi, here are a few questions I have from trying to work with editing without using the mouse too much. I have a bit of a mouse arm problem.

0. Easiest way to select next single region following the playhead on active track. I can currently only do this using 3 key commands. Any idea on an easier way to do it would be appreciated.

1. If I have all regions deselected and use the command "Select all following on same track" I get regions (following the playhead position) on other tracks selected as well. Why? Can I do something about this?

2. "Select next region" and "Toggle select next region" seems inconsistent.
Key command for "select next region" will select next region on active track.
"toggle select next region" on the other hand (useful when adding regions to a selection) will also select regions on other tracks. I find this very inconsistent behavior. Any advice on how to add regions to a selection only from the active track?

3. Catch is deactivated when zooming. I don't understand why this happens sometimes. Which parameter affects if zooming is centered (and catch stays active) around playhead or not?

4. Playhead not visible although catch is active. Sometimes, if I reactivate catch - after zooming in a lot - the playhead isn't visible anyway. It's like it's just outside the view, one zoom step out and it appears. Is this a bug? Shouldn't activating catch scroll the view to the playhead every time? This is in stop mode b.t.w.