Logic Pro 9 Quick Question on setting song length


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I'm new to Logic & trying to export a mixdown.How/where do I set the song length.I am getting 2mins of silence added after the song & wish to delete the unwanted space before I export.waiting for your reply to proceed.
Thank you.


In the bounce dialogue box there are clearly indicated start and end fields where you can set the precise start and end times in bars, beats, divisions, and ticks.

Alternately, you can set a cycle range in the bar ruler. Then the bounce dialogue box will automatically adopt the start and end fields to this range.
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Alternately, you can set a cycle range in the bar ruler. Then the bounce dialogue box will automatically adopt the start and end fields to this range.

I have not found this to be true unless you select "Cycle" as well. For a long time I was accidentally bouncing my songs with an inexplicable piece missing from the beginning because of the strange default setting in the bounce dialogue.
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Ken Adams

A fast method I use is to select all the regions in my mix then hit the "Set Locators" button in the top toolbar. That often gives me at least coarse in and out points that I can adjust easily. That does pop you into cycle mode. Then when you Bounce, the locator points are set. No guessing...

Hope that helps.
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Hi Sonny,

Yes, of course you are right. I didn't word my reply properly. I meant that you should actually engage cycle as well. I seem to remember in earlier versions that it wasn't necessary to actually have the cycle mode enabled.

And Ken - yeah, I do the same thing. I select all, and use set by locators, and then turn on cycle, My fingers have the commands memorized :) I usually preface the key command sequence with Z so that the entire arrangement is resized to fit into the window.
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Doug Zangar

A reminder how bounce selection works.

Active Cycle area trumps all.
Lacking that, region or regions (may be non-contiguous) define length.
Lacking either of the above, entire song will be bounced from song start to song end marker.

Lastly, bounce length can be set/adjusted in bounce window.

So, if you've selected all regions, you don't need to active cycle if the length is correct.
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Here is my bounce solution that I use for years

Easy Setup:
1) In my Arrange window i create a track of the Audio Output Channel Strip and place it at the bottom of the Arrange window
2) I create one MIDI Region (Master Song Region) on that track that I truncate to represent the exact start an and point of my song to be bounced
3) Before bounce: a) select that region, b) Key Command to region to Cycle length, c) turn on cycle
4) Bounce the song

1) By selecting the "Master Song Region" you can quickly find out the length of your song
2) If you have to re-do your bounce later, the regions ensures that you bounce exactly the same length. This is very important in film music when replacing cues.
3) If you have automation on your Output Track (level, gain, etc) then you can embed that automation in the MIDI region (Mover Track Automation to Region Automation)
4) If you are dealing with different versions of your song (length, section, etc), then you can create multiple "Master Song Regions" that you can park on "un-assigned" Arrange Tracks. If you embed automation as Region Automation, then that will "travel" with the Region. The Region name lets you type some information, i.e. "3m5 Chase v3 extended ending"

Truncating "Master Song Region"
1) select the MIDI region of the instrument that starts the song
2) highlight the first MII event in the Piano Roll window (or first modulation in Audio Region)
3) move the Playhead to that Even (Key Command)
4) Move the Playhead back by 4 frames (Key Command), important for some plugins
5) Select the Master Song Region and truncate the Region start to the Playhead position (Key Command)
1) I always fade the volume of the output track at the end of a song
2) Truncate the end of the Master Song Region to last automation node when it hits the bottom

Bottom line:
I always bounce to the active cycle length right after I select the "Master Song Region" and hit the Key Command "Set Locator by Region"
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Doug Zangar

Great work flow. But I'll state again (all due respect to personal methodology) if you have the region(s) selected that defines your bounce length, there is no reason to set the cycle mode (set locator by region). It's a redundant procedure, as I understand it.
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It's a redundant procedure, as I understand it.

Doug you are right, it is redundant at that point.
For me it is more of a habit now. It is that sequence of Key Commands that I'm used to. The cycle bar in my modified Arrange window is a very flashy purple one that jumps into your eye when enabled. So it almost works as a red "Record ON" LED.
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