Logic Pro 9 Quick Swipe Comping in Group


I've grouped together my three guitar tracks with Editing and Phase-Locked Audio selected, but when I do some Quick Swipe comping and select some regions, one of them is not following the two others. The regions are not being selected like the two others.

Is there any reason for that? The volume, panning and mutes do move together, but only the selection of regions is not working.



Doug Zangar

I do this a lot with two guitar tracks and never have a problem. If you've verified your group assignments and settings are correct, you might have to consider some minor corruption. Try creating a new track and move your problem track regions to that one, assign to group and see what happens.


I do this often with multi tracks drums and also generally have no problem. Is it possible you are accidentally disabling the group temporarily? (Command G is the default key command for "toggle group clutch". ) Or is it possible all the regions in the group aren't the exact same length (ie: one has some edits in it that the others don't have)