Logic Pro quick swipe comping not working as expected


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Hi all,

I am having an issue with the comping functionality of Logic X and suspect that I might be totally lame-braining something really simple, but have done much research and watched tutorials and can't figure it out.

I have recorded many takes and am now expecting to be able to click the "picnic table" icon in the take folder to be able to enter Quick Swipe mode and begin creating my comp. I expect to be able to drag the vertical line cursor across sections of takes that I wish to be part of my comp. At which time the takes would turn from grey to highlighted in blue. I also expect to be able to click any of the takes and have that take now be in blue, as the take selected for playback. (See screenshot for example)

Instead, no comp is created, when I click and drag it just moves the positioning grid lines. All the takes remain grey. Also, when I click the header expecting to find options to Flatten, and or Merge, etc, those don't appear.

Big thanks for your help.

I am using Logic Pro X 10.0.6 on a new MacBook Pro.


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Easy answer: DON'T click that "picnic table" icon. It puts you in edit mode and precludes any comping. Stay in Quick Swipe mode and you're golden!

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turns out, i simply had to zoom in much more than I had been so that I could see the waveform. Then I could see the selected parts of each track clearly and could select what I wanted. Thanks!
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