Logic Pro 9 Quick Swiping tips...


I'm recording my A.Guit on 3 tracks using 2 mics and a DI. Of course, I'm also taking several takes from which I want to comp swipe.

So I'm wondering, is there a way to hear and select my different takes (3 tracks) with ONE click or do I really have to repeat the same process on each track?

Thanks for you help


It takes only one 'swipe' or click to make another take your playing/heard version - but yes, you 'really have to' click once for each of your three takes. :)

ETA: in case you aren't aware of this already: You need to assign each of the three channel strip the the same group in order to make them behave like a... group. When you have done this, selecting eg. take # 2 inside the first take folder will also select the same take in the other two tracks, so you're hear all your three microphones from the same take without needing to select eg take # 2 in each of the tree takes folders. Make sure "Editing (Selection)" is active in Group Settings for this group.