quiet hard drive suggestions


I'm just about ready to buy an external HD for recording, and just want some advice on buying a drive regarding inherent noise.

I'm looking at the OWC elite al pro, newertech ministack v3, and a g-tech gdrive, at the moment. Do I need to be concerned with drive noise? Or will any drive be ok?

I will be recording acoustic guitar and vocals in the control room near the drive, so I'm trying to anticipate for that.
I,m a newbie who purchased OWC's Mercury Elite al pro.
Doing a system backup the first time, I was suprised at how loud it was, but when I'm recording one or two tracks to it, it's actually pretty quite, I can't hear it unless it's just starting up(or my ear is right next to it) and there is no way my sure sm57 would pick it up during recording.
So...I was initally disappointed but now i'm happy with my purchase, I foolishly expected it too be 100% quite. It's not, and I expect a LDC would pick up the noise.
I bought two of them and when my girl did a system backup with hers on usb rather than the firewire i use, it was much more quite.
again your mileage may vary,I'm just a newbie and that's my experience.
All that said, I recommend it unless your looking for complete silence,which will cost more$$
For comparison it does make abit more noise than my imac i7, which I consider very quit, all things considered. Hope this helps.
I figure if need be I could easily isolate it under my desk,with some simple soundproofing.Buy it, if you don't like it return it?Good luck:hippy: