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I am trying to get a score ready. I cannot for the life of me get a quintuplet. I've tweaked the midi and corrected for overlap, but every time I try to make a tuplet it says "Tuplet exceeds measure".


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If this is for score only, the N-tuplet should work fine for what you need. It's in with the triplet notes in the part box, last item. Drag it over first note and a box opens. Adjust parameters for your quintuplet. Should work.
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That is what I tried to do. I selected the 5 notes and pulled the N-tuplet thingy over it but when I chose 5 in 4 and 16th notes it gave me the "Tuplet exceeds measure" message. I even tried 32 notes and still got it.
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I can make it work here.

Make sure your notes are evenly spaced (they look pretty good, actually).
Make sure you don't have a user rest or some thing else not obvious to affect the rhythm.
Crazy as it sounds, you may have to delete the notes, re-enter them and it will work......
Look at my settings in attached screen swipe.


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Thanks a lot. I'll have to play with it some more. That actually is pretty good general advice for many things. Sometimes it is better to stop beating a dead horse and start over.

The job was a rush job and is now finished. It did cause some confusion with the players, but eventually it got translated and through to them. I was in such a hurry. There was no time to put phrasing or anything.
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Glad it all worked out. Yeah, it's hard to know when to throw in the flag and just re-do something. Doesn't always work, but it can.

Hopefully your players will agree to do future sessions...;)
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