Logic Pro 9 Rallentando, ritardando, ritenuto, fermata.

Jay Denson

Does anyone know how to introduce rallentando, ritardando, ritenuto, fermata, etc.

I've Googled round in circles without success.

TIA, Jay
If you mean just the actual score symbols, you can access them in the Score window.

If you mean actually altering the tempo, you need to investigate three places for various tempo based functions:

1. The tempo list in the List editors area
2. The global tracks, specifically the tempo global track.
3. The tempo operations window (easily accessed from the Tempo list)
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Hi Eli

I did mean actual changes of tempos not the score symbols. I'm going to wait until I'm working on a project that uses them before getting into it.

I'm sure I'll have more questions before the end of the day.

Thanks so far.

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