Logic Pro X Random Volume Loss in Tracks


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I have been having massive problems with Logic X Pro. I load an existing, new or finished track and it will all play fine, then anywhere between 30 seconds and a minute certain elements will lose volume almost completely, even though the mixer channel has not changed, and there is no automation on the channel. When these channels are solo-ed, you can hear them very very quietly in the background, as if they were lessened by 25db or so. Sometimes, I will load a loop and go to edit the midi, then suddenly this loop will have it's volume reduced out of nowhere.

This issue is happening with all Native Instrument plug ins, usually battery 4, and also with built in Logic Sounds and apple loops (midi ones)

If i go to edit the midi file from a native instrument plug in or an inbuilt logic sound or move notes around etc, then it will drop the sound levels randomly.

Additionally, when i use battery and load pre saved drum patches (using a mix of internal and external sounds) they will play at a hugely reduced volume, but then if I load a pre made logic drum kit into battery, the sounds will play fine.

The issue is that all of these things randomly started happening like 3 weeks ago and the other weird thing is that sometimes some tracks play ok, some don't, and then sometimes it doesn't happen at all. When I play a note on my midi keyboard, i can see it register within the plug.

I thought it might be my Mac overloading, so I cleared off my internal hard drive, and now have 400gb of free space, which is plenty, but this has not made any difference.

My specs are as follows

Mac mini (Late 2012)

Processor - 2.3 GHz Intel Core i7

Memory 8GB

Graphics - Intel HD Graphics 4000 1024 MB

Running Logic X -latest update. I also updated all logic files and downloaded new patches etc.

I also have Komplete 9 Ultimate.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks


Maybe this isn't it at all, but I remember having a similar problem years ago that turned out to be a random MIDI message coming from my MIDI keyboard's Data Slider. Apparently it would slip slightly in response to nearby footsteps or loud bass, and send a MIDI message for Control 7 (Vol) to wherever the slider was parked. Don't some NI instruments use Mod for volume? Could it be your Mod Wheel doing the same thing?