Re-engineer a patch from Alchemy


Hello, I have finished migrating from a mac pro w/ Logic to a windows-based studio centered around Live. But I started a sketch before migrating that I'd like to pick up again. The problem is I was using a sound from Alchemy and I haven't found anything that catches the same vibe. The other problem is finishing this track on the mac is no longer an option for me. My final problem is I am not so good at sound design and any attempt to recreate it has fallen well flat. Is there somewhere I can put a bounty on getting this patch programmed in something I have on my current system?

The patch in Alchemy is in the basics section, Bass and is called Deep Techno Bass (I'm most interested in the Hollow variant and to a lesser degree the Greasy one too but I don't need to have them both accessible in the same patch). I have a decent array of plugins including u-he (Zebra, Hive 2, Bazille, Diva), NI (Massive X and most others in Komplete), Arturia, and of course Live's Operator.

Any help here would be most appreciated. If you know of a better forum for this, I'd be happy to just get that.