Re: Re Linking in Pro Manager 3


I keep my 27.33 gig EXS24 Library on a Drive in a folder labeled "EXS24 Instruments"
Within that Folder I have my patches and the corresponding sample folders. I've relinked this folder in Simplified Mode. It all works well and instruments load fast once I'm in Logic pro 9, however, whenever I boot Logic Pro 9, it consistently takes about 2 minutes or more to scan all my instruments before logic starts. Is this normal?


Andrea Gozzi

Yes the slow boot is absolutely normal and expected.
Why this?

When you start Logic, the EXS24 has to scan all the instrument files (the .exs files) in all of the EXS24 designated folders described in the EXS24 manual to build the menu with all the available instruments.

Now, let's say that you have 5000 instrument and 100000 samples, and you placed them all in the same "EXS24 Instruments" folder: Logic will have to scan all your files (105000) to find the interesting 5000 files. This takes a relatively long time!

If instead you keep your sample files in a separate folder, let's call it "My Samples", outside of the "EXS24 Instrument" folder visible by Logic, then Logic will simply have to scan 5000 files to find the 5000 files it's interested to, and it will be *much* faster (in this example like 20 times faster).

So, in practical terms, you have to move your samples to a different folder outside the instrument folder hierarchy, relink your instruments to the samples, and that's it.

Keep also in mind that ProManager will always ignore aliases, so you have to use the real folders to relink files.