Logic Pro 9 Real-Time bounce time & hanging problem..


I searched for bouncing but didn't find this problem listed, apologies if it is.

Not burning issues (no pun intended) just niggling ones..

I'm trying to bounce all tracks in a song to a stereo file. I've tried all the usual options; with/without cycle, by track length, by region(s) etc.

What happens is the song position line keeps on going (yes I have walked off for dinner and returned). The song length doesn't seem to be the problem (I'd be disappointed if it were) as long/short, it does the same, which is: when the SPL hits the end of the song I still see the lovely rainbow disc. which locks me out of logic, so I have to restart.

Oddly, after a restart, the bounced stereo file does appear and is fine (then what's the problem? you ask, well..) however, I have no way of telling when I should press the restart button of doom as the bouncing is taking long enough as it is and I'm trying to avoid corrupting the file by restarting too early and thus having to start all over again...

On a different note, I'm finding that the transpose (pitch) option for audio files sometimes disappears in the inspector box - Thoughts anyone?

Cheers :)
Welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear your issues, cannot say I have ever experienced either of those symptons.

Have you tried an offline bounce?

Have you checked the length of all your regions?

Sounds like you have positioned the end-of-song indicator correctly.
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