Logic Pro 8 really strange latency problems with logic 8


hey there follow logic users,

as logic is wont to do from time to time, it's getting screwy with me.

But this is something i have never seen before.

here's a rundown of the symptoms:

my meters are showing me sound a half second before i hear it. the playhead moves a half second to a second before i hear it. Same with the piano roll. Yet some tracks don't have these latency issues--a snare might be completely fine, but the kick is showing up a second before i hear it. In addition, any track bussed through an aux will have the same latency issue, while the aux will not.

Making matters worse, some tracks have the opposite problem going on: i hear them before they show up on the meters, only the lag is much shorter (maybe .25 seconds as opposed to .5)

i know all the usual tricks for latency in logic, and i've tried them, but they haven't worked. In fact, i changed the buffer size just now, and somehow logic interpreted this commmand as changing the bit rate: logic has seen fit to turn the rap project i'm working on into alvin and the chipmunks.

this is seriously fubar. Any tips?

i'm running logic 8 into the HEDD 192 via a lynx aes card, currently clocked to the hedd. think this might be an external issue?
I've seen this before but in my case it was with a Fireface 800.
My 'fix' was to switch the clock to internal, I turned off and on my clock source(MTP/AV clocked to house sync {blackburst}), quit L8, re-launch, play and the tracks lined up.
Then switched back to ext clock on the FF800.
guess I just burped the system from a jarred clock.
Good Luck
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