Logic Pro 9 Recognizing Garritan PO in 9.1.1


Did an upgrade (I think) from .7.1.1 on PPC-10.4.11 to Logic Studio 9.1.1 on an Intel iMac i7-10.6.4. Installing software now.

Logic not recognizing GPO as AU. Solution?

It's probably a re-authorization issue. Your configuration has change enough that Garritan PO is thinking it's a different computer/different owner. You'll probably have to de-authorize old computer and authorize this one, or add this one to the list of two authorized computers (I think it lets you authorize two...)

Thanks for replying.

i rebooted, went back to the NI Instruments Service Center and it says it's "activated".......so..? There's nowhere (that I'm aware of) to authorize my new iMac....????? Would that be the SN of the iMac? DRM is really a pain!

Thank you though!

OK, one possibility down..

Try launching the program as a stand alone - you should be able to go to your applications, find it and run it outside of Logic, on its own. If that works then its a question of if the AU component was installed. Go to System drive>Library>Audio>Plug-ins>Components.

My older version shows up there as PersonalOrchestra.component
Garritan works as a standalone.

Go to System drive>Library>Audio>Plug-ins>Components.

You mean System Folder? After that, in 10.6.4 there is no AUDIO folder to go to.

Sorry, I'm really appreciating your help though!


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Go to System drive>Library>Audio>Plug-ins>Components.
You mean System Folder? After that, in 10.6.4 there is no AUDIO folder to go to.
That is strange, this path hasn't been changed in 10.6.4 and is standard for Audio Units. Are you sure you don't see it?

Another thing to try would be the same path, but not under system, rather, user.

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Doug and Mark,

OK, Sorry, I'm a little scattered right now. System drive, same thing is Macintosh HD! Right? OK......Went to the folder System>Audio>Plugins>Components and no AU component for Garritan. Garritan works as a standalone. I went back, put the original install disc in for Garritan and did a reinstall of JUST the AU "component." Ran AU Manager in preferences in Logic-still is not being recognized as an AU. Maybe a total reinstall of Garritan?.......I'm stumped.

Again, thank you for your replies. I'm very grateful for this forum. I was on the old LUG for years. Started in '98 on Emagic Logic Gold 4. I still love the program and what it can do and what it has done for my creativity as a musician and all you people out there as well. This is my first migration to a new computer and a totally redesigned Logic from the older, more familiar Arrange screen of 7.1.1. A little daunting for me right now.

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Have you checked that you are running the most current version of the Audio Unit plug in? Sounds to me like maybe you just need to update it to a newer version??
Tim, I just upgraded from a G5 to Intel Mac Pro, and GPO is working fine, but FYI it now uses the Kontakt Player 2 to work. Did you ever update to that version? (You may not have had to on LP7) I can't remember all the steps, but it's included with your original GPO purchase, and your authorizations can all be handled on the NI website, as well as downloads of the latest software versions.
it now uses the Kontakt Player 2 to work
This is a good tip. But - does the latest greatest GPO use ARIA player instead? I'm one version behind. Point being, maybe you're looking for the wrong thing. When you try to load GPO you will find it inside the Kontakt player. If you have Aria, you may have to launch that first, then you see GPO.

Thank you everyone for your input. Finally got it going. I had to update the Kontakt player to current version and update the library as well. I kept plugging away at it and got with perseverance and your help pointing me in the right direction.


Good going, Tim! New gear can be such a nightmare - like installing EW Play for the first time last night; nowhere in the documentation does it say you have to properly install and register your iLok before the installer will work...