Recommend me a firewire/USB audio interface


I will soon be on a new 27" iMac (i7).

I've been using a Mackie Onyx Satellite interface, which sounds decent, but has some annoying issues with controlling the balance between live input and the output from the computer. Also it clips very easily when live input is monitored, due to some funky summing logic.

So, what is my best option for FW/USB interfaces? Would the Duet be a big step up from the Satellite? I will almost always be recording two tracks (1 stereo) at a time. So ease of use and fidelity are much more important than extra channels. I don't currently have a mixer, so I would need all control over monitoring to be in the interface. I don't have a separate recording room, so just the main monitor outs is sufficient. And I really want latency-free monitoring. I would like to stay under $500 if at all possible.

The two suggestions so far have been the Duet and the Ultralite-mk3. Very different beasts, I know. Are there other units I should be considering?

Any suggestions are appreciated.