recommendations for guitar plugin please


If this has been discussed on the group earlier, reference please???

I frequently find myself wishing I had a decent electric guitar plugin for commercial tracks - I have good acoustic gtrs from a variety of sources including Kontakt and hardware, but medium to heavy guitars are thin on the ground.

I am aware of:


Humbucker Guitar for Kontakt

I can;t find a demo of Halion, but the other 2 sound great on their demos.

trouble is, I have no idea what these tools are like in a flexible songwriting environment - demos can be, by their nature, an exaggeration of power :)

Does the panel have any experiences to share?

The one I've heard people like the most is the Prominy LPC. They also have a Strat now.

There is a video of the creator playing a very heavy guitar part...very expressive! The video demo on the site has better sound, but I'll embed the YouTube version so you can get an idea of it.


Thanks, Orren, pete, Jay - what an interesting haul!

HAving had a dip into each, I find that the Ministry of Rock looks most promising for my playing style and the scope of finger control, although I resent paying for the drums - I love my SD2! :)

Much more research needed - I'll keep you posted.