recommendations for MIDI/audio mixing interface with Logic Studio


using a Mac Pro 8-core running Logic Studio with OS 10.6 and 6GB of RAM. currently use an old MBox2 as my audio & MIDI interface. I mostly use software instruments though sometimes I lay back audio loops recorded off my old Korg Triton Pro-X, and I also do some rough vocals which are usually tweaked with effects.

i want to buy a new MIDI and audio interface with motorized faders so I can stop the tedious point-and-click mixing and perhaps start automating effects more extensively. the best option seems to be the Euphonix MC MIX / CONTROL. i might just start with the MC MIX and daisy chain on the CONTROL later. i don't think I have any use for the Transport module. still, with the Mix module being $1400 and the Control at $1500 that's a steep price.

anyone have any other suggestions? I guess I could always get a Digi 002 but I have a nagging feeling those are majorly buggy in trying to use them with Logic.

thanks in advance for any advice.
Please note that the Euphonix artist series are purely controller surfaces. They are neither Midi nor Audio interfaces.

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ohhh. yeah i realized that when i saw the product description online earlier. i will need to keep my MBox2 connected to receive the Midi and Audio then..... doesn't it make more sense to swap the Mbox2 with a Digi002 ? or does the Digi 002 function well with Logic Studio ..... ? i keep reading that it's buggy when using it with Logic....
does the Digi 002 function well with Logic Studio ..... ? i keep reading that it's buggy when using it with Logic....

I don't have any direct experiences with Digidesign interfaces so would probably be drawing on similar forum comments as those that you have presumably read.

My recommendations, based on personal experience are:

1. Metric Halo: Superb hardware, software and support from an extremely dedicated company.

2. RME: Also developers of excellent hardware and software. If you need cross platform, they would be my first choice.

As well as which, Apogee, MOTU, Presonus and others out there - the list has grown over the years, there is a bewildering range of interfaces on offer to suit most any needs and budgets.

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ok i have finally realized the question i want to ask.

M-Audio Project Mix vs. Euphonix MC Mix

the M-Audio seems bulky, but, I could replace my MBox 2 and just use that as the audio/MIDI interface as well as the control surface. with the Euphonix i am just adding a control surface. however the Euphonix seems like it will be a lot more precise.

does anyone out there have experience with either of these?
Maudio Project Mix i/o is great i had one for ages faders worked a treat, jog was good, easy nice layout , and sync'n it with logic was a snap. Zero dramas only thing that did bug me was when i wanted to use pro tools or cubase i had to shut system down and change the project mix setting to cubase or protools before i turned on system aggain

these days i rock a fireface 800 and old mackie but will one day buy a euphoonix lol

You might want to check into the yamaha 02R96, they are usually available on eBay & that would give you a killer digital mixer & controller in one package plus 16 (or more) channels of a/d. I currently use one with a m-audio pro fire lightbridge which gives me 26 channels of audio between my mac & mixer in 44.1k & 14 channels @96k