Logic Pro record button issue

Jeff Sterling

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Im just starting to work in Logic Ver.10.7.5. so I am new to its work flow. I am using the loops and made a grid and loaded various loops and made sections to play back and now I want to record...
1st issue: There is a loop called NEON that is a drum loop with multiple tracks of its own... I can't record at all on that track... I open its pallet and see the different kit/snr/hihat etc... I select the record button on all those tracks and they turn red... I hit record and nothing records at all... there is nothing in these tracks.
Issue 2: I have several loops and want to record all those tracks and change between the columns... I can play this fine while getting it together... I can only select a few tracks though... I hit the record button, it turns red,,, I select another track and hit the button it turns red,,, then the next track I select the record and it turns red but the previous track turns the record OFF! This seems random in a way as it will keep certain track armed and others get unarmed when I select another. So I can't record all track I want, it turns them off.
Issue 3: this seems random too... I arm a track, it turns solid red... that works! so I unarm that same track the record button is no longer solid but the R is still red and it will not turn off??
Thanks for your input!
There's a lot here, but from an initial starting point I would be inclined to check your audio interface/soundcard setup and settings

Check the settings in both the midi/audio setup on MacOS as well as in the main settings of logic.
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