Logic Pro X Record Live from Omnisphere


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I haven't made music for a while and am getting to grips with everything again.

I would like to use the Orb feature within Omnisphere and record its effects live onto a software instrument track created within Logic. At the moment, i have written out the beat sequence as i want it, but to change anything i am having to manually assign things suck as resonance and filter cutoff to a MIDI control and write it in manually.

I emailed Spectrasonics asking how to record live using the Orb feature and they said to 'create an audio bus and send the audio from Omnisphere’s track and record the audio in real time'.

This is probably some rookie stuff... but can anyone give me a step-by-step guide on what i need to achieve this?


Peter Ostry

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Spectrasonics is right. Software instrument tracks are for MIDI data and automation only. But from Omnisphere comes audio, so you have to record this audio output on an audio track.
  1. Make a send from your Omnisphere channelstrip to a bus.
  2. (Delete the Aux channel created automatically by Logic.)
  3. Set the bus number as input for an audio channelstrip (audio track).
  4. Start the playback and record audio from the bus to the audio track.