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Hello, I'm new here, and to Logic. I expect someone has already answered this, but I couldn't find the topic using obvious keywords:
How can I record system audio, for example from music software that's not a plug-in or anything that "fits" into Logic, directly into Logic as an audio track, without using two computers? There used to be Soundflower but that seems to have wilted with time.
Surely Apple has made this possible with some setting in Logic?


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Hi there, welcome to the LUG.
I solve this using the "loopback" function of the software controlling my audio interface - either Metric Halo or RME, both allow routing from some other source such as another app to a software output which you can select in logic as an audio input and then record. Here is a (slightly older) explanation as to how Metric Halo solves this:

Here you can see how RME solve this:

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- Get an audio rerouting app like GroundControl Cube (free, best), Blackhole (free) or Loopback (good but expensive)
- In MacOS System Preferences, set System Audio Out to GroundControl 2Ch
- In Logic>Preferences>Audio>Devices, set Input Device to GroundControl 2Ch
- Record
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