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Hi haven't been here for a while. I am experiencing 50 ms recording delay. I am aware of latency and buffers etc and this is not that. While on a songwriting weekend I use irig pro 2 and noticed a delay in what I recorded of 50 ms. Pushing the recording delay slider back 2500 samples (/48 sample rate = 52.08 ms) and everything lined up with metronome and worked. Back in the studio and working on the tracks using real and software drums with Berhringer XR 18 interface the drums wouldn't line up and I had to return the record delay slider back to 0, no probs. Today again in the studio with the XR 18 listening to recorded track and playing along audio is going down 50 ms to late. I recorded the klopfiest (not midi) click through the studio monitors into a mic then back into logic and its 50 ms to late. This despite turning on and off low latency mode. I have bypassed aux sub groups physically turned all the plugins off. I put the recording delay slider to -2500 samples and once recorded through the room the recorded Klopfeist audio lines up and i can listen and record and everything is in time. I could have blamed the XR18 but it did it with the irig pro duo as well. I have Logic Pro 10.5.1 Catalina 10.15.7 Mac book pro 15 inch 2015, 2.2Ghz Quad core 16 G ram and plenty of storage left. It doesn't feel like a lack of processing power because its a consistent 50ms no matter what I do. I have read about some similar issues and would appreciate a heads up thanks Chris
I am using Logic for 27 years and I have never, not across 10 different audio interfaces, needed to actually use that Recording Delay slider. So let's do some basic troubleshooting:

- Has this ever worked correctly ?
- Has this never worked correctly ?
- If it has happened suddenly, what had changed prior to that ? (new audio interface, new plugin, Logic update, OS update, new computer etc. etc.)
- Did you try a restart ?
- Did you try a cold reboot, including switching the audio interface off and on ?
- Did you explore the options in Preferences>Audio>General>Plug-In Latency Compensation, including Low Latency Mode ?
- Does it happen with a fresh, empty project ?
- Does it happen after logging in as a new user ?

Generally, you want to approach that kind of problem very methodically. It's boring, but inevitable if you want to get to the bottom of this and avoid it creeping up again when you least want it. Start with the simplest setup, no plugins, no fancy 3rd party synths. Recording the click is a good idea. If that works, change one thing and test again. Don't change two or more things between tests as you would not know what caused an error. Some people insist on cold reboots between tests, but in my opinion this is only necessary if the results are not consistent (ie. it works one time and the next time it doesn't in the exact (!) same situation). Report back your findings.
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Hey thanks Fuzzfilth Yes I have been on logic since its release. I have had multiple interfaces all working fine but I havent done any recording for a few years. So I cant compare set ups. I have had logic working flawlessly on multiple setups in my studio and even done some simple stuff on this computer but no serious track recording. Live mixes but thats not n issue as all tracks come in at the same time so I never noticed any recording delay. The intersting thing is it has done it on both the XR 18 and the Irig so I am discounting interface. I have been recording all afternoon with new projects as well. !!!! OK just opened a new clean project wih 2 channels of audio (very basic) set slider to 0 and its working so the glitch must be in my saved "studio template somewhere". I have a standard recording and mixing template set up for custom use which has always worked fine in the past. It has grown over there years as I have added functionalities etc. I dont really want to rebuild the whole thing it has taken years to perfect. Even with all the plugins off and the subs direct to output it still records a consistent 50ms late. So I guess the relevent thing is it doesnt happen with a fresh minimum project.
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Yes have done Low latency mode etc. I am thinking that it may be a hidden thing in my environment that may have survived 3 or 4 upgrades of logic over years and the move to 64 bit and is now making itself known. Its an odd one. I will progressively go back through the enviroment and actually uninstall each of the plugins starting at the master channel and back through the busses as well. They are all off at the momnet but maybe and old version of waves or 3rd party is causing the problem even though the plugin is off. Low latency makes no difference. Will let you know if i find something. The clue is that it doesn't do it in a clean new project but does in my old environment cheers Chris
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PROBLEM SOLVED I have a template for my studio that has effects and plugins with my own favorite settings on standby in each channel in case I need them. They are kept switched off until required. This included sub groups (comp for drum subs and reverb for vocal groups) and mastering plugins (the usual suspects plus metering) in the master channel. When tracking individual tracks in the studio these produce a delay on the output of the klopfeist click EVEN WHEN THEY ARE TURNED OFF. I recorded klopclick straight out of Logic and back in on a free channel and it produced a 50 ms delay to the signal as shown on the recorded click. I had compensated for this by using the recording delay slider. When all mastering plugins removed this dropped to 20 ms. Then I removed all plugins from sub groups and rerecorded and delay was 0. To be clear I still have all my favorite plugins on the individual channels but now NONE in the sub groups (which are fed to master anyway) and NONE in the master channel. I could leave them there and the recording delay slider would take care of the timing delay but if I forgot about it and changed some plugins in the future the value of the recording delay would have to be changed to compensate so looks like its no plugin inserts in subs an master channel until tracking is completed. I should also add that Low Latency button did not fix this problem and neither did manual turning of the effects in the Sub groups or master channel. They have to be removed. This is an issue for studio tracking with click and doesnt really relate to live recordings where click is not relevant.
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this stock-plugin (I/O-plugin) solves it so you dont need to cumbersomely remove all your sub-group plugins! 🙂

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