Logic Pro 8 recording delay


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I just got a new interface, its working great, but as I began recording new tracks, the tracks would play back out of time, starting slightly ahead of the rest of the song. Is there some setting that is doing this, (why is it doing this) that I can change? I would really like to be able to play and hear what I'm playing, then listen to it after recording and hear the same thing that I was going for! =)

Thanks a lot!

With a new interface, I always check for this. My method is to play a click track and mic up the speakers. (Yes, you also could cable the output back to an input). Then see how far out the recorded audio is from the click. Look in the sample editor and make a selection between a recorded click and a bar or beat in the ruler, this will show you how many samples difference there are.

You then set a recording delay (+ or - ) in the device tab of audio preferences.

A good idea to recheck when you change any other audio settings such as buffer.
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