Logic Pro 9 Recording Drums


I have an issue and I need someone else's opinion. Maybe I'm doing something wrong but here it is. I have a problem when I record my material into Logic 9. I'm using a Motu interface and Mac Pro with 8 gigs of ram. Whenever I record into it, it comes out clean but I seem to lose the "meat" of the sound especially the knock in my drums. I'm sending out my drums through my Mackie 24x8 board. I even go directly into the Motu and still no difference. Any idea why this is? As of now I leave my drums out of the box and mix down to cd to retain that knock in them. Any help with this would be helpful. Thanks.
Not sure I know what you mean by "knock". But why are you running them through a mixing board before recording them if you can go straight into your MOTU interface?

Is it because you are using the preamps on the Mackie? Does your MOTU interface have preamps on board? I'm guessing they do, since you mention you have been able to send the mics directly to the MOTU interface. Are you EQing them on the Mackie before sending them to the MOTU?
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