Logic Pro 9 Recording high vocals

Andre Favreau

I have to record my BVs on some pop/rock song, but my tenor line is very high. I remember we used to slower tape a bit in the 90s in order to help those poor tenors.

So would it be a good idea to slower the playback speed a bit with Varispeed record my vocals and bring it back up after?

Or, would transposing a stereo track mix lower by half or full step, recording my vocals and then transposing those vocals up in Melodyne be a good idea?

What would be the best way to approach this challenge? Any ideas, suggestions? What would you do?

If you have Melodyne, I think the second option would yield better results, because you wouldn't experience so much 'chipmunk' effect when re-pitching the part up.

Without Melodyne, I might try running off a mix at 48khz and loading it unconverted into a 44.1khz session to sing to, then loading the 44.1khz vocal files unconverted back into the 48khz session. A little bit chipmunky, but not too different from the tape slowdown in the 90's!
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I make artificial harmonies with Melodyne all the time using people's lead vocal tracks and transposing them. After you make part you can then alter the timing of the melodyned track so its a little more human. No chipmunk fx at all.

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Apart of Melodyne you can try the Logic native plugin "Vocal Transformer" which offers Formant setting. In some scenarios (it depends on the Vocal material) it can give you better results than the Melodyne keeping the authentic vocal structure - it is so simple and does not make any detection which can cause errors in the ornamentation detection, clicks etc.
I worked as a Melodyne demo maker long time ago and may say that I have tested thousand of vocals, choirs detections etc.
If you are not pleased with the Logic VT then try Melodyne, Zplane Elastique Pitch,
Prosonic Time Factory etc.
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Just learned also that if you just have a note or two out of range, you can briefly sing a lower note (hopefully in tune) and then transpose only these one or two notes in Melodyne...
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