Logic Pro 8 recording 'live' FX changes


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is there a way to record tracks in a way in which changes to the effects plugins are recorded too?
i.e. if i am playing live and using the ring mod effect to alter the sound/signal, can that be recorded to the track? this is important as much of what i do is improvised and applying effects after recording doesn't always work (or make that much sense)
i have tried but just can't figure it out. I am new to logic, in acid pro i could do it, is it possible in logic?



Pete Thomas

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In addition to your recording channelstrip, add an input channelstrip (with the same input) to your environment. Insert the pugin on there rather than on the recording CS, and it will be recorded along with the audio (destructively of course, you will never be able to get the untreated audio).

Afterwards you can freely delete the input CS.


What Pete says is of course the ultimate way to print the effects in real time. But here' something else you can try that gives you a bit more flexibility.

Insert your ring mod plug-in on your regular recording channel strip. Set the automation mode to latch (or touch). Then when you record your parts, the parameter movements will be captured as automation. When you play back afterwards, you will have all of your parameter moves captured and reproduced faithfully. But it is not embedded in the audio file. Instead it is captured merely plug-in automation. So you can them freely edit it any way you like. Once you edit it as you want you can the render it permanently. Although this, strictly speaking, might never really be necessary - depending on your production workflow.

Depends how much flexibility you want to leave yourself after the fact. Pete's way work's great if you don't want/need to edit any of it after the fact.