Logic Pro (X) Recording not working! Help please! :)


Dear Logic X experts:

I am having a bit of a ridiculous problem. I can't seem to record anything in Logic. I'm a long time user (but won't go and call myself an expert). And haven't had THIS problem for many years...but i am a bit baffled. My Software instruments are opened and of course also 'armed'..ie the R button is pressed. When I press "R" for Record (or even manually take my mouse up to the red record button and press it) the whole project starts trying to record from the beginning as opposed to where i presently am in the track...(which is quite annoying and has just been doing this today). And more problematic.. Logic doesn't record anything i'm playing in. I can hear the sounds of my software instruments.. I can hear the playback of other stuff I recorded/composed in Sibelius and then imported into Logic. But i can't record!!!

Sorry for asking help on such a seemingly dumb beginners problem..but i'm a bit baffled here.

One perhaps tell tale thing to mention is that on my Output Meter the right hand digit display has a red background. This is new and seems to be coinciding with my recording problem.

Many many thanks for any pointers you might be able to give me!! :)


Logic X 10.0.3
Mac OS X 10.8.5
ok...i think i might have figured it out...the record button is flashing on and off in the above mentioned project. When i open up a new project and hit the record button it just stays on...and RECORDS! Now...how do I get this button to just stay on and not flash...any ideas?

thank you for any help and sorry for this dumb question!!

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