Logic Pro 9 Recording small jazz trio next week


Guitar, bass, drums...and, I was planning on just making a new logic project for each song. But, I also thought about keeping the whole CD in one Logic project to make everything quicker, easier to mix, etc. The thing I'm worried about it logic going wacky on me and things getting corrupted or out of sync, take folders going wacky, whatever.

For those of you who do these kind of projects do you split up the tunes in new logic projects? If it was "just a demo" then I'd probably keep it in one file but since it's not I don't think I'll chance it. Thoughts?


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Unless you are tracking a live concert, in which case you really have to use one project, you could make one project per song, and if while mixing you decide that for example, the drum settings of one track can be used on others, Logic 9's new import function should be a big help in saving time and simplifying workflow.

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Hi Daveyboy,

I hear what you are asking, and I think there is a way to have the best of both worlds here. Safety and convenience.

How about this: After each tune you do a "save as" and save your project with the same name in the same project folder, but with a different version number.

So for example, let's say you're recording nine tunes. At the end you would be working on a project called JazzTrio_V.09 that contains all the songs. And if anything gets corrupted or you need to backtrack for whatever reason, you have each song neatly saved in it's own project leading up to the last one. And yet, everything is still contained neatly within one master project folder.
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Another option would be to back up the growing megaproject to a second drive as you go.
That way, should one project go pearshaped, you've got the backup.
That way. all your audio files would be duplicated, regardless of whether you were doing it as one huge project or multiple separate projects.
Don't forget, in either of your scenarios, if anything nasty happens to your drive or directories, it won't matter how you've recorded, you're screwed.

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The way I do!

I use the date in the beginning before a file name as my file system, starting with the year as follows, 2009.12.22 (file name is usually song title). When doing an album project first step is tracking, tracking is done on a laptop that's dedicated only to tracking. I'll start by creating a new file on the desktop. All Logic files and media for the project will be saved in this file. I do each song as an individual file. Once all tracking is complete, usually in the first two days the project folder is saved to a back up drive and is duplicated into the Lap Top's Music folder. The original file on the desktop is moved to the other computer to be mixed. I like to mix each song as a separate file because I feel like it gives me the freedom to really focus on the one piece without the overwhelming distraction of the whole. :thmbup:

This way I mess up something in the mix and the backup drive crashes I still have the original tracking in the laptop and I don't have to sort through a whole disc of songs for the right one, I just pull the song I need.

Once I finish a project, all files, a copy of the original tracking, all the mixes, everything is compiled into one "final" folder and placed on the backup drive and archived on a backup drive I fire up only when archiving final projects. Only after both backup files are confirmed saved do I clear the memory on the other machines.
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Thanks for the replies everyone! Appreciated. I think I'll be going the separate file for each song route as when I do new takes of the song, since there's no click, I'll probably just do it later in the sequence. So, each project still might have a few versions, just of the same song. Since it's so small track wise I think it'll be a piece of cake to get the levels and fx the same or similar for each track. I do the number after the song title now periodically, and, I use a date system when I get into mixing. My mixing names look like this: "SongTitle1, 12-21-9". The #1 after the title has to do with which mix it is that day, in case I end up doing a few mix variations. Then I add M or TV at the end of the date if the mix is a music only mix or TV mix (no lead vocal).

On another note this will be the most tracks I've recorded at one time since I've been a Logic user for the past year. I'll be recording with the Symphony system and monitoring through software at a low buffer. Since there are no VIs I think I can get away with a buffer of 64. If things don't work right then I'll switch to Maestro's mixer and raise Logic's buffer. I'm hoping I don't get the white noise burst I've gotten in the past while just recording one instrument. I haven't gotten it in a while so I'm crossing my fingers.
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