Logic Pro 8 Recording vocals


I'm trying to learn to record vocals in logic 8 but I noticed my vocal track is being recorded as a wav file. The book that is teaching me how to do this shows them being recorded as aiff. Don't wav files take up way more space? How do I make it so my vocal takes become AIF instead of WAV?

Thanks a bunch!
No more space. I'd just leave it as is but, if you want to change it go to the Preferences/audio/general. The thing that takes up more disc space is sample rate and bit depth.
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Wav files were and are still the default MS Windows audio file format. AIF was and is Apple's audio file format. In reality, the two are pretty much interchangeable and have the same quality, but WAV files are a little bit more cross platform friendly as pretty much all computers Windows, Apple or what have you will play WAV files. There may be some deeper technical differences, but in a nutshell that's it. So there's no disadvantage to leaving your preferences set to WAV.
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Also, the current incarnation of wav files used on most platforms these days is broadcast wave format (BWF). This has the added advantage of including / embedding time stamping information with each file as it is recorded. So, that is one advantage over aiff.
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