Recording with Apogee Duet and Logic Express


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I'm having a noob problem.

Here's my setup:
Intel mac, Apogee Duet, Neumann KMS 105, Logic Express 8

I can't seem to get sound out of both the left and right channels when I plug in the mic into the XLR input of the Duet...

I tried all sorts of things. Mono/Stereo, etc.etc. but nothing seems to work! This always seems to be happening to me. What am I doing wrong?

Have mercy on this noob.....!

Can anyone help?

Matt Robinson

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Is this the case purely for the xlr cable? If you are getting a stereo level from the jack inputs you may have a cable fault. Also have you tried both xlr inputs? If one is working and the other isnt then it should be traceable to a cable fault.

It may also be worth checking in Maestro to see what settings are applied to I/O routing.

Hope this helps.