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I just finished mixing and pseudo mastering a project for a client who does not have a budget for a mastering engineer. Can anyone recommend software for mac that would meet Red Book standard that does not have a steep learning curve?

How about Waveburner? It supports red book options, does not have a steep learning curve and, if you own logic studio, you already have it.

As an alternative, Wavelab is a much more powerful piece of software, but comes at a price and has a fairly steep learning curve.

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I think any sort of professional level application that can do final track assembly/mastering like Waveburner Pro will have a learning curve.

That said, I think another program worth considering, if you can afford it, is WaveLab 7, finally out for the Mac.

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I second waveburner. It just takes a bit of time to work it out. I had a client use it for final CD assembly and while he still required me to go through the final session files, it worked out ok...

If you "get" logic, waveburner is not too much different in some ways...
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