Redmatica is Gone? So Now What?


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sonnykeyes--you ROCK! Thanks to you I now have manuals! Very cool. Now I just have to get an auth code for AutoSampler 2.3.20, which I purchased 4.22.11, and I'll be good to go, before I bootstrap the whole system from 10.6.8
(stable for years) to 10.9.3 for now. I'm archiving a 10.6.8 System folder on one of my internal hd's, so I can go back and use the Redmatica apps as needed. Sound feasible? And maybe Apple will incorporate the best of Andrea's Redmatica apps into future Logic Pro X + versions. One can only hope...

Early 2008 MacPro, 2x 3.2 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon
32 Gb Ram


I confirm that I too bought all three software items from Redmatica and never got an email about them stopping and giving a blank auth. Is there nothing that can be done about this?

It would be great if we could at least still contact Andrea, explain the situation to him and ask for his help.

Cheers, Bob


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I'm the same, I have all three different redmatica apps and my authorizers don't work any more. I bought them and shortly after my mac died, recently I've got another 2gig G5 ppc (OS X 10.5.8) and put my old hard drives in it and got my studio working again. I have just found out about what has happened to redmatica and never received an email and never even learned how to use the software. I have logic and protools hd3 and have no money to upgrade, so this will be my studio for a long while !!!
Autosampler 1.6.5
EsxManager Pro 2.9.17c
Keymap 1.5.1990

If anyone can help, Cheer's Dennis