Reel-to-Reel speed discrepancy - How to fix?


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Hi all!
I need help to save a project!
1) Using a Tascam 388, we recorded drums using most of the tracks.
2) Dumped the individual drum tracks to Logic
3) Did a rough mix/bounce of drums to track 8
4) Recorded guitars over the drum tracks
5) Dumped individual guitar tracks to Logic

Now, after matching up the drum tracks and guitar tracks, it appears that the analog machine isn't perfect! The drum tracks are slightly slower than the guitar tracks (about a 16th note difference after 5 minutes).

We've explored quantizing the tracks and matching that way, but that takes a long time, it seems some of the syncopated beats are confusing Logic, and we don't want the drums to sound too perfect.

Another thought was to find a specific starting point for each track and edit all of them to make that the start of the reel, and do the same at the end. Then make the drum tracks the same length as the guitar tracks, which would "squish" the drum track down to the length of the guitar track without making it too mechanical sounding.

Does this make sense? If we can do the latter, what is the function in Logic to do this?

Many thanks!


Tape machines are far from sample accurate! Unless you can use smpte and sync Logic to them there's no way to keep them in time.

I would very simply cut the guitar track into smaller sections and shift each to get them in time by ear. I personally wouldn't use time stretch/other but my ears.