reFX Vanguard


Looking at reFX Vanguard. Seems nice and versatile.
Simple an straightforward gui - Enjoyed playing with the trancegate and arp sections in the demo.

Anyone have any opinions on this synth?
Or comparable ones (within approx. price-range) to recommend as alternatives?
I like Vanguard a lot. As you say, the UI is nice and simple, and the great timed stuff still separates it from other synths. The only two downsides are that it seems to clip/pop easily and the built-in reverb is harsh. Not too difficult to work around.

Also check out Sylenth1 from Lennar Digital if you are on an Intel Mac. I tend to "get along" with the UI and it sounds great. GForce Minimonsta, and u-he ACE and Zebra are also worth a look and listen.


Thanks a lot for your input!
I wound up buying the Vanguard. Now I'm struggling a bit with myself in applying it to a song - I wanted to have bit of fun with the step seq / arp, but keep leaning annoyingly much to much too conservative choices (a have a kind of gritty guitar part that I'm trying fit it with, which turns out to more difficult than I expected).

I liked the other synths you suggested as well, particularly the Sylenth1 which I think I might buy as well - It had a nice feel to it.


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how to setup plugin?

can anyone help n tell me how to setup the plug in?
when i downloaded the vanguard 7 Air 2, it had only 3 files,

is this right? i was expecting a DLL file or something.

thank you!


Don't know about a dll, but there should be a vst or rtas file in there somewhere. Running on a mac myself, but I seem to remember just getting the plugins to install. Perhaps the the exe does that for you, but shouldn't the be some resource as well then?